Investment Management

The key to finding the most suitable investment strategy for you is a clear understanding of your objectives, your risk appetite and capacity for loss. Being realistic about return expectations and the level of risk that will allow you to sleep comfortably at night is crucial to avoiding disappointments in the future. Our job is to help you identify where you sit in the risk spectrum using cutting-edge behavioural finance tools to assist us in this process.

We offer investment strategies that are professionally managed, well diversified, cost effective and tailored to meet your individual requirements. They can be set up to deliver income, growth or a combination of both. We recommend appropriate structures within which to hold these to minimise the impact of tax and enhance the net returns. We work closely with a carefully selected panel of asset managers who have an established track record of consistently delivering ahead of their peer groups.

Retirement Planning

Pension legislation has been a subject of constant change over the decades. This has made pensions an increasingly complex area for the uninitiated and has done nothing to encourage this extremely tax efficient form of savings. Getting the right guidance on pensions quite early on is crucial to making the most of the tax reliefs available to you.

As with many of our clients, you may find that pension income on its own will not always provide the income for the lifestyle you aspire to in retirement. Retirement planning therefore often means exploring other tax efficient structures and investments to complement the income from the pension pot, while making sure your pension arrangements are at their most efficient. We work with you to find answers to questions like – How much do you need to save to have the income to support your lifestyle in retirement? What about leaving a legacy?

Estate Planning

If the value of your estate exceeds the nil rate band threshold then your estate will be subject to inheritance tax. You may have a strong view on estate planning, whether that is the preservation of your estate, creating a legacy for future generations, simply reducing the burden of the tax bill for your heirs or leaving things to charity.

It usually begins with a properly drafted will, but often further planning might be appropriate such as gifting, creation of trusts, special IHT exempt or IHT efficient investments or a simple insurance policy. We work with you to find a solution that strikes a balance between access, control, security and cost.


Quite often overlooked, protection is just as important a part of your strategic planning as everything else. Whilst we strive to ensure you have the right investments in the most appropriate structures to meet your long-term goals, all that is of little consequence when life bowls a curved ball at you. It is important to consider all eventualities to ensure the ones who are near and dear to you are always protected, no matter what.

We take the time to review with you what would be necessary in these circumstances to minimise the impact of any life changing event alongside analysing any cover you may already have in place. Whether you are looking to protect debt, education costs or lifestyle, we work with you to ensure you have the most relevant and cost-effective policies in place.


Buying a home is a very exciting time for most of us and yet it can be quite stressful. We can help take away at least some of this stress on the financial side by drawing on years of expertise in providing mortgage advice to structure the right solution for you. We also scout the market to find the most suitable mortgage deal for your needs.

We have overseen many complex mortgage propositions and have a good understanding of different lenders' underwriting criteria, so we also help with structuring the proposal and presenting it in the best light to a prospective lender. It does not stop with your main home; we can help with mortgages for purchases of holiday homes and investment properties too.


Life is too short not to enjoy it to its fullest. We are strong proponents of striking the right work/life balance and think that if you and your family have made numerous sacrifices over the years to accumulate your wealth, it is only right that you indulge in things that will enrich your life. A treat for yourself or your family, which might turn out to be an unforgettable memory or sometimes even unwittingly a canny investment decision, is no bad thing.

Having worked in the wealth management industry for several decades and with strong personal passions in certain areas, we have built up an extensive network of contacts in the world of art, wine and classic cars. You may well have other interests or your own network of friends to turn to, but if you simply wish to have a good chat about matters close to your heart or would like to tap into our network of contacts, we would be happy to make relevant introductions.

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